BP #10. Money MattersHi my dear reader. Recently I’ve played quit catchy game and ‘SPENT’ is its name. There you should find a job, to deal with different situations and to distribute costs properly. On my opinion, this game is useful training before the adult life. It shows how you can distribute your salary between the rent, family and personal needs.  Personally I didn’t complete this game from the first try. Maybe because I like throw around money.
BP #9. Environment
Hi my dear reader. Our today’s topic is environment. And I want to share my expressions after watching of two videos about the human’s influence on environment.  .The main point of the first video is that carbon dioxide has a great influence on the climate change, and that we should look for the alternative sources of energy like solar water wind power. Also there were mentioned that fossil fuels are very harmful to the environment, so we should think about the usage of the law-carbon energy. For example, offshore wind farms are a nice variant, but there’s one problem – they are too expensive. Nowadays scientists try to create new type of generators, so that this technology will be cheaper in future. Moreover, it was said, that electric supply of automobiles could reduce the level of gas emission. But the main problem is that industry can’t exist without energy. The only way to solve this problem is to reuse some things, such as buildings, plastic\paper products and …
BP #8. My Little Big Company
Hi my dear reader. Today I want to invite you to my company that named «UT-Net”. Workers of our company help for other people with translating. This job includes translation of the articles/books, cooperation with workers, who’re living abroad, sound films/cartoons etc. So you mast have special skills. Our aim is to give people an opportunity to understand foreign language with all specialties so that we need qualified people. If is you work by hart you will climb the top of career ladder.  Our requirements are: -Fluently speak English; to have level A1 of German or French;-Age: 18+-Have the ability to work in team;-To be sociable;
Our motto is: “Promote for happiness others”. Having career in our company guaranties for you high salary, career prospects, benefits packages etc. Moreover, you could take a day off if it needed, be entitled to sick pay, or take maternity leave. Here is the list of vacancies: translator (you should work well in a team, be able to me…
BP #7. System of Education
Hi my dear reader. Our today’s topic is education. I’m to describe you educational system and share my impressions about two videos I’ve seen recently. In the first video Sugata Mitra told us about educational system. The main point is that nowadays everything connected with computers. You don’t need to write by hand, you should just be able to type on computer, read information and count. That’s all. Schools just produce people, who will be identical, like the part of bureaucratic administrative machine. They don’t teach how to develop your personality. Every student is just a gear of a whole mechanism. It’s easier to control the herd, than nation. Due to it we should change sth in our educational system. The second video shows us Ken Robinson’s opinion about how to escape the ‘death valley’. To put it in a nutshell, he thinks, that children are different; they have different speed, ability, natural talents in studying. So, there are a lot of things, which are…
BP #6. Appearance, Character, Relationship Hello my dear reader. Today I tell you one story, about unexpected meeting of two people that disclosed their emotions.
That was a calm evening. There wasn’t any cloud on the sky and just light wind whispered something. On the other side of the street appeared elegant man. He had a slim figure. His face was oval. His dark-brown eyes perfectly passed to his short but wavy dark hair. At one moment the girl that rides on the bicycle bumped him. He was quit a sociable and generous person and he helped her to rise up. She raised her eyes and looked at her helper… “She is perfect” – that was the first that came to his mind. She was a slim woman. Dark sleek hair with violet shade that was immaculately groomed covered her shoulders.  She had amazing dimples on her cheeks when her face shined with a smile. Her bottomless eyes made him feel thrilled. He realized that it was love at first sight…

BP #5. Communication
Hi my dear reader. Guess what? It’s time for comics. Let’s go.
Varys and Tirion again have a small talk:

And here are typical office situations:

I think most people face a similar situation:

And my lovely Zagoretska:

That's all for today, mu dear reader. Try to practice your English skills in different ways, don't afraid sth new. Good luck.
BP #4. Formation of the Words 
Hello dear reader. Welcome again to my blog. Today I tell you about the formation of words, word families, and Greek and Latin roots. Firstly, I show you a ways of word formation on the example of words below. They are taken from the text “The Antarctic: Key to Planet Earth” Upstream Upper Intermediate: Students book, Unit 9 p.160-161. Noun Verb Adjective Adverb Expedition - - Expeditiously Beater Beat Beaten - Representation Represent Representational - Contribution Contribute Contributory - Evolution Evolve Evolutionary